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Now posted to AO3.

Winged Voices: Birds of Middle-earth (527 words) by Himring
Chapters: 5/5
Fandom: The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien, The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Celeborn/Galadriel
Characters: Galadriel, Celeborn, Caranthir, Celegorm, Bard of Laketown, Dáin Ironfoot, Landroval, Meneldor, Arwen, Daeron (Tolkien)
Additional Tags: Multi-Era, Cross-cultural, Elves, Dwarves, Birds

Drabble sequence written for a sequence of bird prompts at Tolkien Weekly on LiveJournal:
various kinds of cross-overs between the Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings and/or The Hobbit.
The birds get their own say in some, but not all of the drabbles.

1) Swan: Galadrlel & Celeborn; 2) Thrush: Celegorm, Caranthir, Bard; 3) Raven: Caranthir, Dain; 4) Nightingale: Arwen, Daeron; 5) Eagle: Landroval, Meneldor

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Sorry, spamming my f-list relentlessly today (three posts!) I promise this is the last one!

I wrote the following for the prompt "Old English Writings: Riddle" over at Tolkien Weekly.
It qualifies for "Legendarium Ladies April", so I'll be cross-posting it without waiting to see how the rest of that drabble challenge goes, as I would otherwise do.

Title: Two Rohirrim
Characters/Pairing: Two female characters from Rohan
Rating: PG
Warnings: generalized summary of canon violence and related dark themes.
Book/Source: LotR (and LotR Appendices)

Link: http://tolkien-weekly.livejournal.com/1045261.html

A pair of semi-drabbles that are riddles (the first one is very easy). Check out Lignota's excellent solutions in verse (!) under the spoiler cut in her comment!
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I posted my final B2MeM non-compilation piece and it has had its reveal date today.
It's based on a story in the LOTR Appendices and grew out of a conversation with Lignota.

Title: Snowdrops
Author Name: Himring
Prompt: flowers peeking above the snow (Seasons of Middle-earth: Spring)
Summary: Valacar, prince of Gondor, is sent to Rhovanion to learn the ways of his father’s allies and falls in love with Vidumavi, the daughter of his host
Rating: PG
Warnings: none (except for a bit of geekishness)
Author's Notes: Simultaneously written for the current challenge at LOTR Community. The requirements were that the story should contain no dialogue and that one of the characters should point at something.

Link: http://b2mem.livejournal.com/273815.html

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Back to Middle-earth Month 2014 Participant

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Back to Middle-earth Month 2014 Participant

My short non-compilation piece on Goldberry had its reveal date at the B2MeM community today.

Title: I Who Am Water
B2MeM Challenge: Seasons of Middle-earth, Summer (non-compilation)
Prompt: "Each year at summer’s end I go to find them for her, In a wide pool, deep and clear…" (Fellowship of the Ring, "In the House of Tom Bombadil")
Summary: Goldberry is the River-daughter
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Format / Genre: ficlet (108 words); character study (first-person)
Characters/ Pairings: Goldberry (Goldberry / Tom Bombadil)

Link to ficlet on LJ:

I'm doing the B2MeM review challenge (see stamp below) and there are plenty of contributions worth reviewing. It's not really fair to the rest to recommend any single one over the others, but yesterday's stories are fresh in my memory and were both excellent:

Children's Game
, by Elleth: : http://b2mem.livejournal.com/254984.html
Last Summer, by Rhymer: http://b2mem.livejournal.com/254766.html

Review Challenge Stamp 6

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Fannish to-do list:
1) Vote for Tree & Flower Awards (deadline!!)
2) Write reviews on nominated T & F stories.
2) Write rave reviews for excellent SinS stories.
3) Read more excellent SinS stories and at least leave kudos.
4) Catch up with commenting on Tolkien Weekly.
5) Cheer on SoWD projects.

Not entirely compatible at present with the requirements of RL or the need to sleep at regular intervals... But my intentions were good!

Meanwhile, archiving my second-ever drabble sequence, written for the Petrology Challenge at Tolkien Weekly, on the friendship of Narvi and Celebrimbor:

5 single drabbles, in the order they were written (they will probably stay that way).
Rating: PG. Warnings: none.
Not-so-secret agenda: He's Curufin's son. He's in love with Galadriel. He gets betrayed by Sauron. Give the guy a break! 
Nevertheless, I hope you will feel that this is as much about Narvi as about Celebrimbor.

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"Auden thought that admiration for Tolkien was an indispensable sign of good literary judgment. That’s putting it too strongly, but you could certainly say that a willingness to read Tolkien with an open mind, and pass judgment on the work’s merits or lack of them, is a sign that no preconceptions about literary categories are in place." (John Lanchester, 11 April 2013, LRB)

The main subject of the article is actually A Song of Ice and Fire (the books) and The Game of Thrones (TV/video).
The article is here:

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It's a remix? A cento? Whatever.
Anyway, it's an adaptation of Galadriel's Namarie, supposed to be spoken by Finrod Felagund.
I hope you like it, Oshun!

Posted to the LOTR community here:

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WARNING: Possible Hobbit movie spoilers.

At Tolkien Weekly, Dwimordene offered an excellent explanation of what Thranduil was doing on top of that cliff, looking down, just as the Dwarves were fleeing Erebor: http://tolkien-weekly.livejournal.com/954907.html

I suggested to her that she should write another drabble from the Dwarves' point of view, she challenged me to do it myself and I did (http://tolkien-weekly.livejournal.com/955623.html).

Now archiving that drabble here below the cut.

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As far as  I can tell, English and Medieval Studies Presented to J.R.R. Tolkien on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday, edited by Norman Davies and C.L. Wrenn (1962), contains no explicit reference to The Lord of Rings or other fictional works of Tolkien's, although it does contain "A Short Ode to a Philologist" by W.H. Auden, who wrote in praise of The Lord of the Rings elsewhere.
However Norman Davis, one of the editors, begins his own contribution with the sentence: "The monsters of Beowulf first had their due from Professor Tolkien; others he has himself created." (p. 321)
The first clause is a reference to Tolkien's influential essay on Beowulf (1936). The second part I would read as a refence to the monsters in Tolkien's fictional works.
I am fairly sure this has been noted before, by someone somewhere....
(Counts as my belated Tolkien birthday post, sort of.)

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Having taken courage from Keiliss's excellent late entry to the Many Paths To Tread Third Anniversary challenge, A Secret Gate, I went on simmering a bit and found my ideas came together after all.
Perhaps not quite celebratory enough for the occasion (and perhaps I should have ditched the Quenya names).
But I have written Artanis again! That always seems to take special courage, and this is the longest piece yet.
The original idea for the scene at Losgar actually goes back to B2MeM 2011, but I had no idea then that this was going to be about Galadriel.

Title: Galadriel: There and Back Again
Rating: Teens
Elements: Home is behind, the world ahead… The world behind and home ahead… (plus some bonus allusions to the Walking Song in the third section)
Summary: A group of three vignettes from the life of Galadriel: (i) Home is behind, the world ahead (First Age): Shortly after her arrival in Middle-earth, Galadriel visits the beach of Losgar; (ii)  Does not apply (First Age): Galadriel in conversation with her eldest brother Finrod Felagund; (iii) The world behind and home ahead (Third Age): Galadriel leaves Middle-earth, boarding ship at the Grey Havens.
Characters: Galadriel (Artanis), Fingon (Findekano), Finrod Felagund (Findarato/Ingo), Frodo Baggins, Bilbo Baggins
Word Count: 1617 words

Posted here: link
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I'm highly unlikely to come up with the inspiration for writing anything myself on this occasion before the end of the day, so I thought that I'd remind people of some of the excellent stories written for the Femslash Card prompts earlier this year during B2MeM.

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The Tolkien fan fiction on this journal was written and posted without any intention of infringing  the rights of J.R.R. Tolkien's estate, whose property the character and stories remain, or of New Line Cinema either.
Stories and other texts have been written only for the purpose of for the writer's own enjoyment and to share that enjoyment  with her associates. No other profit is made or will be made from them by the writer.
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This represents a stubborn and possibly misguided attempt to squeeze something out of a couple of B2MeM prompts I'd already dropped: a snippet of Tennyson, a snippet of Charlotte Mew, and the alliterative verse prompt.
(I'm actually supposed to be writing a Sapphic stanza about baking and sand dunes before the end of today. It seems unlikely that this will happen.)

The piece is mostly a textual collage and forms an elegy on the fate of Boromir, the eleventh Ruling Steward of Gondor, son of Denethor I. (Boromir, son of Denethor II, was named after him.)
ETA: has received some further tweaks.

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In an on-line conversation, [livejournal.com profile] dwimordene_2011 challenged me to come up with a defence for the importance of Vana the Ever-Young, who she felt was the most uninteresting of the Valier. (See here for the entry on Vana at Tolkien Gateway.)

So here goes. This is pretty much an unrevised first draft, as the conversation was some time ago and I wanted to get this out before everyone forgot about it.

Genre:slightly experimental prose
Length: quite short
Disclaimer: Tolkien's, some bits more than others
Warnings: none

In Defence of Vana, the Ever-Young )
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A list of Maedhros stories I may be going to write, with a couple of reminiscences and a little bit of navel-gazing thrown in.

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I've now reached and passed my minimum review goal of ten reviews. I've  reviewed all the stories I managed to nominate, plus a couple others. All of these are ten-score reviews (in non-MEFA speak, they are long). There are thirty stories still on my wish-list, not including the ones eaten by the wish-list bug, which I haven't retrieved yet, as I only just realized there had been one.
I didn't get any notification that I had reached my set review goal or of the author responses to my reviews. I'm not sure whether the system doesn't do them or whether that's just me and my agressive spam filter.

Posting the first three reviews under the cut. I'm considering cross-posting some of these to the Recommendations section of Faerie later, as I've discovered the site allows off-site recommendations. (It also calls them "Recommendations", not "Favourites", which I prefer, as it's less hierarchical.)

Reflections by Angelica
The Feast of Reuniting by Oshun
Introspection by Lyra

The above titles link to the stories on SWG. The MEFA site (if you want to go and vote for those stories) is here. (And is anyone else annoyed by the fact that there seem to be no links from the Reviews You Have Written section back to the reviewed stories?)

Please assume that all my reviews contain spoilers.

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