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Just to say, I've unlocked Just and Equitable Government (II): http://hhimring.livejournal.com/6239.html.
The lj-cut is probably working now and, even if it isn't, it seems unlikely to bother anyone at this date.

Also thank you very much indeed to everyone who reviewed my stories for the MEFAs! I am slightly stunned... And I've not managed to write proper Author's Replies yet.

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Inexorably, another MEFA deadline is approaching. Oh for the golden days of yore when deadlines still generated spurts of nervous energy! SadIy I eye my wish list (which is apparently self-replenishing) and my hidden reviews (I keep hoping that they will have grown by another sentence when I'm not looking).

All this reminds me of this little thing I wrote last year, when Fiondil, as MEFA volunteer, had patiently coaxed me past my first MEFA deadline. The first part (in italics) is by Fiondil and I hope he won't mind me quoting it, the Noldorin rejoinder is by myself:

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I've now reached and passed my minimum review goal of ten reviews. I've  reviewed all the stories I managed to nominate, plus a couple others. All of these are ten-score reviews (in non-MEFA speak, they are long). There are thirty stories still on my wish-list, not including the ones eaten by the wish-list bug, which I haven't retrieved yet, as I only just realized there had been one.
I didn't get any notification that I had reached my set review goal or of the author responses to my reviews. I'm not sure whether the system doesn't do them or whether that's just me and my agressive spam filter.

Posting the first three reviews under the cut. I'm considering cross-posting some of these to the Recommendations section of Faerie later, as I've discovered the site allows off-site recommendations. (It also calls them "Recommendations", not "Favourites", which I prefer, as it's less hierarchical.)

Reflections by Angelica
The Feast of Reuniting by Oshun
Introspection by Lyra

The above titles link to the stories on SWG. The MEFA site (if you want to go and vote for those stories) is here. (And is anyone else annoyed by the fact that there seem to be no links from the Reviews You Have Written section back to the reviewed stories?)

Please assume that all my reviews contain spoilers.

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