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HASA (the Henneth Annun Story Archive) is running another fundraising challenge and asking for both stories to be written and for readers to pledge for stories.
This challenge is Hobbit-themed, but there is some latitude for twisting here...

The Challenge:
Write a story that is connected in some way with The Hobbit - the book or the movie - and that uses one or more of the three themes of the challenge - sun, shadow, Smaug - and post it on HASA. It can be anything you like as long as it ties in to something that happens or is mentioned or must have occurred given the events of the book or the movie.

More details here:

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I don't hang out at HASA (Henneth Annun) as much as I did, but it was the site that introduced me to Tolkien fan fiction, originally.
So yesterday, belatedly, I noticed the current fundraising challenge and decided it might be worth pimping, in case you don't know all about it already.

Writers--a chance to contribute a 500 word plus story for the benefit of HASA and be featured on the home page!
Readers, a chance to make your donation count double, as it will be matched by an unknown donor!
Also, HASA is apparently more than one month's fees ($195) in the red at the moment, so they need the funds.

Look here on HASA:
Story Pledge Challenge (URL)

Copy of rules also below under the cut:

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