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The ninth instalment of The Chief in a Village.
The last one was almost slapstick--this one, despite the section title, isn't although the plot is still in improbability drive mode...

Summary: Fingon has failed rather spectacularly to communicate Gil's true parentage to his father. Will he do better at the second attempt?
Characters: Fingon, Fingolfin, Gil-galad
Rating: Teens
Length: c.1900 words
(Finished in haste, may need another proofread.)

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The eighth instalment of The Chief in a Village.
Miracles can happen in the blink of an eye, but highly improbable plots take a little longer...

Summary: Having gone AWOL, Fingon unexpectedly returns to Barad Eithel with bad news and a baby. Confronting his father represents a serious challenge to his social competence.
Characters: Fingon, Fingolfin, Gil-galad, Berion (formerly squire to Fingon, now captain of Fingolfin's guard, OMC)
Rating: Teens
Warnings: elven indigestion; social embarrassment; improbable plot generator is set to ON.
Length: c.1200 words

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The seventh (!) instalment of The Chief in a Village.
There's a doggy part here that was intended to be a sort of birthday present for Alasse, but I'm a week late for that.

Summary: Fingon finds a baby-sitter and gives Gil-galad his epesse Ereinion.
Warnings: Aftermath of violence; burial. Also cuteness of several varieties.
Rating: Teens
Length: c.1600 words

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