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I haven't posted anything to Dreamwidth for a while.
Most of what I have written in the meantime is cross-posted from LJ to AO3, if not elsewhere.
This piece is not. It was written for Oshun as a birthday gift and is a snippet from "Such Great Deeds", but I haven't written the intervening passage yet.

Summary: During a walk at night through Barad Eithel, Beleg and Fingon briefly talk about Maedhros.
Warnings: reference to multiple deaths during war time
Pairing: Fingon/Maedhros (implicit)
Word count: c. 450 words

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Many happy returns to Gwailome! Have a great day!
(I think it's Sunday where you are already.)
Here is a birthday ficlet for you. I hope you like it!

Title: The stars over Aglon
Pairing: Maedhros/Fingon
Rating: Teens
Word count: c.1300 words

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Happy Birthday, Lyra-Oloriel-Qitian!
Because you recently wrote a Lay of Leithian/Taketori Monogatari crossover for B2MeM, I found an illustration of the Japanese story for you.
I hope you like it!

Tale of the Bamboo Cutter by ~mtran264 on deviantART
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It's a remix? A cento? Whatever.
Anyway, it's an adaptation of Galadriel's Namarie, supposed to be spoken by Finrod Felagund.
I hope you like it, Oshun!

Posted to the LOTR community here:

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Here's a Glorfindel in Gondolin looking  pensive, to go with your beautiful story Another Future.
Happy birthday and many happy returns!

Glorfindel by ~Mallorn85 on deviantART

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Wishing you a very happy birthday and many happy returns with Hrymfaxe's drawing "Captains of Doriath", in honour of your wonderful and deeply moving new story The Black Sword about Mablung and Beleg!

Captains of Doriath by ~hrymfaxe on deviantART

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There and back again...
by =Gold-Seven on deviantART

Stories posted at MPTT that have been nominated for favourite characterization of Bilbo for the Tree and Flower awards:
Not all gold by Nath
Escaping by the Dozen by Thundera Tiger
The Diary by Pearl Took
His Wealth Shall Flow in Fountains by Celeritas
A Place for Gandalf by Dreamflower

Stories nominated for favourite characterization of Frodo:
All Things Were Now Made Ready...by Dreamflower
Second Mum by Larner
Of Cakes and Crumbs and Distant Dreams by Lindelea
Decorum by Larner

(Voting is still just about open...)

Also, NEW: a birthday(!) chapter of Pandemonium's and Dreamflower's The Prisoner and the Hobbit: here (on SWG) and here (on MPTT)!

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