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Done (although perhaps not dusted)!!

The Feanorians are camped on one side of the lake of Mithrim, the Fingolfinians on the other.
While negotiations between their leaders are dragging on, Naurthoniel, a Feanorian, has been getting a Sinda, Huntress, to carry food and other items for her to the Fingolfinian camp in secret.
What happens when the Sons of Feanor find out?

Characters: Naurthoniel (OFC), Maglor, Caranthir, Maedhros
Rating: General Audiences
Length c.1000 words

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Third instalment of the fic about my OFC Naurthoniel for the Bechdel Action-Adventure Challenge (http://aliana1.livejournal.com/104156.html).
(Meanwhile Huin had posted an intriguing start to her Beruthiel story for the challenge: http://huinare.livejournal.com/119581.html.
See also Pandemonium's Orcling, which I believe was also written for this challenge: http://www.lotrgfic.com/viewstory.php?sid=2333)

The story so far:
The Feanorians are camped on one side of the lake of Mithrim, the Fingolfinians on the other. Negotiations between their leaders have stalled right after they began.
Naurthoniel, a Feanorian, has been asking a Sinda, Huntress, to carry gifts of food for her to the Fingolfinian camp in secret. She now is on her way to the Fingolfinian camp herself with Huntress as a guide and a basket of food on her back.
Who exactly was she trying to send the food to and did they in fact receive it? Is she going to succeed in meeting them and how will they react? And how dangerous is all this anyway? Or not?

Warning: This is where it gets really rather grim, although perhaps not quite in the way you expect.
Rating: Teens

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I'm afraid this is my second post today.
But Erulisse, Aliana and Dwimordene have now all completed their Bechdel Challenge fics, so I felt impelled to at least plod on and finish and post my second chapter.
For the really exciting stuff see here (SLIGHT SPOILERS):Meanwhile, my Feanorian OFC Naurthoniel and her Sindarin companion are stealthily creeping through the night on their way around the lake of Mithrim:

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It seems my Naurthoniel story wants to divide up into short chapters. It seems to have mutated slightly in other ways, too--the plot bunnies have been at it again (the end now has not just one, but four Sons of Feanor in it--can't keep those out of anywhere, it seems!) That does give me a chance to post a bit in advance before completing it, though.
So here is the first chapter of my Action-Adventure Bechdel Test Challenge fic (aliana1.livejournal.com/104156.html), although it's not nearly finished. I thought I'd post it now, because I might find it more difficult to find time to post closer to the deadline on 31 January.
(I also owe people replies and comments and things. Thank you very much for your kind words!)

ETA: Now completed!
Links to the other three chapters:
Part II: http://hhimring.livejournal.com/46883.html
Part III: http://hhimring.livejournal.com/47874.html
Part IV: http://hhimring.livejournal.com/48339.html

Characters (so far): Naurthoniel, a Feanorian (OFC), Ceredir, a Feanorian (OMC), a Sinda (OFC)
Setting: Mithrim
Rating: Gen
Genre: Action/Adventure(??), including at least one conversation between females not about a man (Bechdel Test)
Word Count: c.950 words
Relevant Silm quot.: Many of Fëanor's people indeed repented of the burning at Losgar, and were filled with amazement at the valour that had brought the friends whom they had abandoned over the Ice of the North; and they would have welcomed them, but they dared not, for shame.



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