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This completes my Aredhel story, although it has a slightly unconventional structure, I guess. I have solved the embarrassment of three consecutive epilogues (all written at the time of B2MeM) by re-naming them Part II (links below.)

Characters: Maedhros, Aredhel, Fingon
Pairing: Maedhros/Fingon (implicit and UST only at this point)
Warnings: angsty in places
Rating: Teens
Length: c. 1250 words

The story so far:
Turgon is preparing to depart secretly for Gondolin, and partly out of distrust, partly out of superstition, he is insisting that not even the Feanorians should know about it before it happens. The other Fingolfinians, including Fingon and Aredhel, have more or less reluctantly followed suit and kept their mouths shut. Maedhros, however, has picked up a number of clues and pretty much deduced what is going on.
He has come across Aredhel unexpectedly at a horse fair in Ard-galen, and guesses that this might be her farewell visit to the outside world before she follows Turgon into his secret hiding-place. During their tentative conversations, it becomes clear that Aredhel joined Turgon in Nevrast, not because of her own preferences, but because she is committed to staying with Idril.
Aredhel is about to depart again, and Maedhros and Aredhel still haven’t acknowledged to each other that this is likely to be their last meeting in Middle-earth.
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Characters: Aredhel (Q. Irisse), Maedhros (Q. Maitimo), with assorted glimpses and mentions of Celebrimbor (Q. Tyelperinquar), Turgon (Q. Turukano), Idril and Fingon (Q. Findekano)
Summary: Aredhel comes to dinner, but will she reveal what is troubling her? While Maedhros is perhaps less clueless about the matter  than he might have seemed at first.
Rating: Teens
Warnings: A nightmare, a pink frilly scarf, and Turgon in a dressing-gown.
Length: c.1850 words
Disclaimer: Tolkien created Taniquetil, Himring is responsible for any split grocery bags on its slopes.
ETA: Edited somewhat at the time of writing the following section.

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I posted a number of extracts from my Aredhel story during March to the [livejournal.com profile] b2mem community or my journal.
Here, finally, is the beginning of the main section.

Characters: Aredhel (Q. Irisse), Maedhros (not a pairing)
Summary: Maedhros unexpectedly meets Aredhel at a horse fair in Ard-galen.Why didn't she say she was coming and why doesn't she want to buy that horse?
Rating: General
Warnings: none
Length: c.900 words
Disclaimer: Tolkien created Taniquetil, Himring is responsible for any split grocery bags on its slopes.

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