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The first poll (for stories categorized by Race) is just up for the Tree and Flower Awards at [livejournal.com profile] lotr_community!
This is a competition for stories posted to Many Paths to Tread by 3 August  2012 in honour of the Third Anniversary of the archive (rules are here) and for which thanks are due to the utterly heroic efforts of dreamflower02.
Voting will continue to 14 September and is open to all.

The MPTT site contains more Silm stories than you probably think. It also contains less fluff than you probably think (and who doesn't like a bit of fluff now and then, anyway?). Plus it contains a lot of other interesting stuff of all kinds worth exploring!

I've got a couple of my shorter stories on MPTT and some of these have been generously nominated:
Titles and links under cut )
I've also nominated a number of great stories and many other great stories have been nominated by others. So go and read! Or go and vote!

Banner by Ellyn or Nath, photo by Linda Hoyland:

Tree and Flower Awards Nominee
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It's exactly two years since I posted Looking at the Stars and Counting the Hours to the SWG Archive--the second birthday of "Himring".
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Today is Himring's birthday. That is, it's the anniversary of my posting my first Silmarillion fanfic, which was posted to the SWG Archive on 30 December 2009, and also, of course, the anniversary of my choice of pen name. Read more... )Anyway, best wishes to everyone who reads this for a happy next twelve months of Tolkien fan fiction and fan art! And also--as I may not manage another post in the next couple of days--happy New Year and all the very best for 2011 more generally!

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