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Essentially a housekeeping task (and incomplete), but perhaps of interest... (ETA: updated)


Principal OCs:

Aerin's second cousin once removed (not named): relative of Aerin on her mother's side; survives the burning of Brodda's House and escapes retribution

Aghan: leader of the Druedain at the time when Elros became the king of the future Numenoreans

Aphadon: Maedhros’s page, later his squire, born in the Marches, fallen at the Nirnaeth

Berion: born in Hithlum, Fingon’s squire, captain of the guard at Eithel Sirion, survives the Nirnaeth, later in Lindon

Borgun: Easterling, Bor's aunt

Broddun: Brodda’s sister, born in Thargelion, friend to Aerin, dies before Aerin

Bronadui: one of the physicians in Himring, friend to Amlach

Buri: a young drug, contemporary of Haleth and Haldar

Celvandil: Noldo, accompanies Maedhros to Himring, Maedhros’s stable-master, survives  until after the Kinslaying at Sirion, but dies in the Drowning of Beleriand

Ceredir (Carinyo): born in Tirion, kinslayer at Alqualonde, cousin of Naurthoniel, Maedhros’s steward in Himring, wounded during the attack on Doriath, fallen at Sirion

Curutane: Miriel’s relative, a broideress who followed Feanor to Middle-earth, settled in the Marches and died in the Bragollach

Emlinn:  born in Brithombar (under the Sun), musician, Maglor’s only student in Beleriand, later in Balar, Lindon and Imladris

Erien: Noldo, cousin of Naurthoniel, follower of Fingolfin and friend of Fingon, crossed the Helcaraxe, losing three of her relatives on the Ice, foster-mother to Gil-galad at Barad Eithel, survives Beleriand and is present in Lindon

Faeleth of Eldalonde: one of Ancalime's ladies-in-waiting, persuaded to marry against Ancalime's will at the initiative of Hallacar

Fingon’s gardener (not named):  in Valinor (after Fingon’s reincarnation), a man almost pathologically shy

Fingon's porter (not named): in Valinor (after Fingon’s reincarnation), amateur historian (female)

Glorwendil: distant cousin of Aerin on the mother's side, leader of the resistance in Dor-lomin during the War of Wrath

Hiriel: First Spear among the women of the Haladin at the time of the War of Wrath

Hirwen: young girl who Elwing entrusted Elros and Elrond to during the fall of the Havens of Sirion

"Huntress" (Feril): one of the Grey Elves of Mithrim, friend of Naurthoniel, accompanies her to Himring, saves Maedhros' life  in the Marches, leaves the Feanorians after the Nirnaeth to try to return to Mithrim

Inzilmith: poor dress-maker in Armenelos, who gets entangled in court intrigue just before the Fall of Numenor and escapes on one of Elendil's ships

Lamaen: a Sinda from Hithlum, very loyal to Fingon and Fingolfin, and very talkative

Maryame: Noldo, freed prisoner of Morgoth who remained crippled

Naurthoniel (Narye): daughter of an innkeeper in Tirion, Feanorian housekeeper in Mithrim and Himring, survives Beleriand,  later in Eregion and  at Imladris

Oderen: one of the Falathrim, woodworker, married to Emlinn, later in Balar, Lindon and Imladris

Palamid: street musician in Umbar, encounters Maglor

Pengyl: archer (female), trained and equipped by Aredhel, sent by Aredhel to watch over her father and her brothers at the Daglor Aglareb, remains in Hithlum until its fall, survives the First Age

Sador’s niece (not named): daughter of Aerin’s former maid, born a thrall in Dor-lomin, escapes to the Havens with her brother but dies there soon after her arrival (for "niece" perhaps read "great-niece")

Sartandur: one of the followers of Celegorm who left Elured and Elurin in the forest in Doriath, fallen at Sirion

Scum: an orc of Angband at the time of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad

Tatiel Rumille: author of Principles of Just and Equitable Government (a treatise on political philosophy originally written in Sarati), descended from Tata and related to Rumil

Turion: Noldo, kinslayer at Alqualonde, follower of Maglor from Maglor’s Gap to Amon Ereb, fallen at Sirion

Vanimo:  Noldo, escaped prisoner of Morgoth with strong PTSD (anxiety)



Named minor OCs:

Aranwe: Noldo known to Maedhros, dead by the end of the First Age (a follower of Celegorm who remained in Nargothrond? Or identical with the canon character Aranwe?)

Anveryon:  one of the followers of Celegorm who left Elured and Elurin in the forest in Doriath, turned outlaw

Ardil: Noldo, escaped or freed prisoner of Morgoth, disappeared again

Cirnur: young boat-wright in Lothlorien

Ebor: head of the council of the elders of the Haladin before the Haladin joined Elros

Elvea: Erien and Naurthoniel’s cousin, broke her leg on the Helcaraxe and died

Enedrion:  one of Finrod’s followers who died in Tol-in Gaurhoth, friend to Beleg

Forgam:  cousin of Enedrion, friend and follower of Gwindor

Melimo: Noldo who served Fingon and Fingolfin as engineer, dead by the end of the First Age 

Ninde: follower of Finrod, relative of Erien, died very early on the Helcaraxe

Minyo: guard in Feanorian camp in Mithrim

Nolemir: born of a Noldorin father and a Sindarin mother, follower of Caranthir, survived Doriath

Rusco: Elvea’s young son, died on the Helcaraxe

Sandohtar: one of the followers of Celegorm who left Elured and Elurin in the forest in Doriath, died of wounds received in Doriath

Saron: Noldo, escaped or freed prisoner of Morgoth who killed himself and his family

Tercano: Maedhros’s herald, fallen at the Nirnaeth

Viresse: Fingon’s housekeeper in Dor-lomin, dead by the end of the War of Wrath

Yavien: Guilin’s wife, drowned in a spring flood in Sirion


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I should do the same with mine... =)

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It is! (g)

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